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Creating Happier and Healthier Communities by Connecting People to Free Mental Wellness Education

How do we build happier and healthier communities? This question puzzles city planners and health professionals alike. One solution is to build Walkable Communities.

At its core, a Walkable Community connects residents to amenities by foot. Think of urban epicenters like New York, San Francisco, Boston, and Miami. On the other hand, rural communities offer residents the luxury of affordability and a close connection to neighbors. Each provide different benefits, but one that cannot be overlooked is convenience. Walkable Communities afford residents the advantage of accessing local groceries, restaurants, and health and wellness resources with ease.

Unfortunately, classified rural areas get the short end of the stick in this regard. Until now. By taking cues from both city planners and mental health professionals, we’ve come up with a concept that combines free mental health education and accessibility.

Talkable Communities brings free in-person and virtual mental health training to the heart of six Northeast Florida communities. Clay, Duval, Flagler, Putnam, Nassau, and St. Johns Counties now have fingertip access to resources that can provide hope to someone in need. We offer It’s Time to Talk about it! training for family members and caregivers, Question. Persuade. Refer. training for the general population, and Youth Mental Health First Aid training for adults who work or interact with youth.

Once you are certified, you will be able to recognize the warning signs and risk factors of suicide, interact with a person in crisis, and help a person who may be facing a mental health or substance use challenge. This is critical to saving lives.

We believe that happier and healthier communities are built by happy and healthy community members. Please join us in making Northeast Florida a Talkable Community by getting certified today.

To register for an upcoming training course, please visit


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