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It's Time to Talk about it! (ITTAI)

It's Time to Talk about it! teaches family members, care givers, and other invested community members who interact with young people how to recognize the warning signs and risk factors of suicide in youth.

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You probably know how to spot somebody who is choking and you may even know the Heimlich maneuver, which can a be a life-saving intervention. But spotting the warning signs of suicide among young people as well as learning how to intervene and help them, however, isn't nearly as easy.

That's why there is It's Time to Talk about it!, or ITTIA. ITTAI is a training course that teaches families and adults how to have conversations about suicide with youth in order to provide support and help create a safety net for them.

It's all about saving the lives of our young people. Sign up today to get certified.

  • Teachers & School Staff

  • Camp Counselors

  • Coaches

  • Pastors


Curious if It's Time to Talk about it! is the right training course for you?


Bottom line - if you are an adult that works or interacts with youth, this training is for you.

  • Youth Group Leaders

  • Health and Human Services Workers

  • Parents

  • Family Members

  • Care Givers

  • Caring Citizens

  • Neighbors

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A suicide prevention/intervention training for families and adults who interact with young people.



Learn how to identify risk

You will learn the warning signs and risk factors of suicide and be able to differentiate between warning signs and risk factors.


Learn how to talk about suicide

You will learn strategies to approach and communicate with young people about suicide. You will also learn to ask the suicide question.


Learn how to support a young person in need

You will learn how to build a safety net for at-risk youth, ways to promote strengths and resiliency or protective factors, and learn about resources that can help.


Build the confidence to do 1-3

Research supports that those who take the ITTAI training feel more prepared to deal with such a tough topic and are more likely to begin a conversation about suicide.

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