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Martin Gutelius


Master Level Clinician - Rapid Response Team


EPIC Behavioral Healthcare




Martin has more than 15 years working with youth and adult populations in a variety of settings from Hospitals, residential facilities, and outpatient therapy. He has held positions from Behavior Health Tech to counselor and manager. He has a master’s degree in education and currently works as a Master Level Clinician for the Crisis intervention Rapid Response Team for Adults 26 years and up.

Martin has witnessed first-hand the challenges and struggles that one can go through when encountering a mental health break. He has also known a few individuals, from youth to adult, who have died by suicide. His passion comes from working to educate others on early identification, intervention, and prevention.

Talkable Communities has created a system of identifying the struggles one may be having with their mental health and teaches others how to intervene. This education is of value because one does not have to have a relationship with the person to assist them in getting help. For the other person, just knowing someone understands can make all the difference.

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